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Return Policy

You are entitled to the seven-day hesitation period of the product arrival in accordance with the Consumer Protection Act and the Applicable Code for Reasonable Exceptions to the Right to Dismiss of the Transaction.

(Note! The hesitation period is not a trial period)

We are here to remind you that the returned item must be returned as it’s original state, that is, it must be returned as the original state when you received the product (including the product itself, accessories, original packaging, protective bag, styrofoam, warranty card, manual, give aways) Etc.), otherwise it will affect the rights and interests of your return. If there is any situation that does not meet the above, the necessary fees will be charged according to the extend of damage.


Return procedure description:

If the goods you received are defective, damaged, inconsistent or have a shortage of parts, please select the order number you want to cancel/return within 7 days after receiving the goods, please go to the “Account>Orders” page of the homepage. Click "View" to enter the order page and fill in the "Shop and Customer Comments" field below the order. Fill in the reason/cause of the item/quantity/cancellation/return. We will reply and assist you once we receive the inquiry. Regarding to cancellation / return matters. (Returned merchandise must be brand new and fully packaged, including mainframe, accessories, internal and external packaging, random files, etc.) Please keep the receipt when you deliver the defective product, such as: home delivery receipt, post office registration documents, etc., in order to facilitate future enquiries.


Home page of the "Account > Orders" page and select the order number to cancel / return, click "View"


Leave a message in the "Shop and Customer Comments" field below the order, fill in the reason/cause of the item/quantity/cancellation/return to be cancelled/returned > Click "Send"


If the returned product has following conditions, it will affect your return rights, or you will be responsible of partial cost of damages:

1. Destroy the package, seal removed, remove the tag, remove the glue, or remove the label without affecting your inspection.

2. If the original carton has been lost, please wrap the original packaging with other carton. Do not stick the paper or write the text directly on the original packaging (color box). If the original packaging (color box) is damaged or lost, you will not be able to return the goods.

3. Others that are necessary for the Passover or because of the consequences that may be attributable to you, resulting in a decrease in the value of the goods, damage, loss or other changes.

4. Personal hygiene goods: clothing (such as clothes, pants, socks, scarves), etc., after cutting or launching, or the goods have the dirt or wear marks that cannot be restored to the original state. Personal intimate clothing, razors (such as underwear, underwear or razors, etc.) are unpacked.

5. Computer software, games, audio and video discs, food, consumables and customized products cannot be returned after being unpacked.

6. The merchandise distribution area is limited to Taiwan's main island, excluding the island/outer island, so it is not possible to accept the return/outside island return application.

7. For the foreign goods return process, please write a separate letter to ask for the return method.

Return notice:

1. Partial return:

a. If an order contains multiple items, some of the returned goods will be returned to the designated location by your assistance, or WORLDiBUY will assist you in arranging the pickup and returning to the manufacturer. This shipping fee is deducted from the payment.

b. If some of the orders are not refunded, the order price will not be eligible for the discount.

c. If the order contains a giveaway, it will be returned together with the give away if the condition of the event is not fulfilled after the partial return of the application. If the return is not completed, the amount of the give away will be deducted from the payment.

d. If the payment method is credit card instalment, some of the return applications will not be accepted because the bank cannot make partial refunds.

2. Full return:

a. If the whole order product is applied for return, the WORLDiBUY International Shopping Center will assist the contact manufacturer, and the manufacturer will arrange the logistics to pick up the item.

b. If the order contains an give away, it must be returned to the original package together with the give away. If the receipt is not completed and confirmed by you, the amount of damage to be collected will be deducted from the payment.

Refund / Return:

The following refund/return times are from 9:00 to 18:00 on weekdays and no holidays (the holiday will be postponed). If your product fails to respond to the original condition at the time of return, it will affect the refund. schedule.

Refund process:

1. If you receive a two- or three-way paper invoice, please return the original invoice and the redemption order to complete the refund.

2. If the payment method is credit card or Paypal, after confirming the cancellation/return of the order, it will be directly sent back to the credit card account you originally paid and displayed on your next credit card statement.

3. The payment method is ATM transfer, IBON payment, after confirming the cancellation/return of the order, please provide the original bank account information of the original subscriber when submitting the application.

      (Account information must include bank name / bank branch / account / account name)

4. After the foreign credit card is completed, there will be amount differences due to exchange rates. The difference will be collected by the issuing bank and charged from you.

Refund schedule:

The following actual accounting status is subject to the accounting time of each issuing bank.

1. After the goods are returned and confirmed by the manufacturer and the “return order” is completed, the ATM transfer and IBON are 7~14 working days.

2. After the goods have been returned and confirmed by the manufacturer and the “return order” has been completed, the credit card will be within 14 to 28 working days.

3. After the goods have been returned and confirmed by the manufacturer and completed the “return order”, Paypal will be 7 to 10 working days.