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~Name origin- “H” is the chemical symbol of “hydrogen”. “AQUA” represents in latin language “ water”.

Hydrogen water means the water contains with mainly hydrogen gas. Hydrogen not only is one of the essential elements for human life maintenance, it also creates the improvement of the metabolism, antioxidation, and blood lipid. Furthermore, it fights against rapid aging and helps cleaning the extra active oxygen… etc. 

By using the Tritan material from the American brand “EASTMAN” - Its full strength for resistance of more than 100C heat-temperature, and glass-wise transparency. Meanwhile, shining with the glamorous appearance with newly cap  

gasket and portable design, it’s great to carry on the trip or just to work. Under the consideration of wide sales in different countries, we offer the USB charging cable in all common use. Without worrying about damage or lost of it, there’s always an easy way to find a replacement!