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Rotating speaker

✔The speaker can be rotated to the left and right to turn the volume up and down depending on your mood.
✔Due to the dual system support, this product is available to be used with any cell phone brand and model. 
✔Not necessary to connect with Bluetooth and transmission line, just need to put the speaker near your phone, then you can play it  
✔Light and easy to operate it, which means you will be addicted to it instantly!
✔It has so much fun to play music with this speaker by yourself!

IDI|扭轉音響 讓每個音符都能分享

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Inbody active trainer

The Artificial Intelligence body measuring instrument can assist you to monitor your body fat and get back muscles.
Help you set an integrated plan to get rid of body fat and loss weight.
The product has the unique technique that can let you measure major muscle group quickly
There is an exclusive APP provided for body management
Included 9 physical parameters within this instrument to understand body condition deeply.


IDI lighter

Strong brightness: The Sliver Lining can provide you 15lm powerful lighting service which is an amazing effect for such a small size flashlight.
Waterproof function: Even in the rainy season that you don’t need to worry about lacking of lighting. 

IDI|mini flashlight

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IDI Personal Mini Air-Cooler, USB Electric Desktop Portable Air Purifier

As we all know that the ozone layer is getting thinner and greenhouse gas is increasing.
With the image of the polar bear as a brand symbol, we hope to promote the convenience of human life by the exclusive 3C products and take energy saving and environmental protection into consideration at the same time!
What we want to change is not merely only the way to cool down but also a comfortable and healthy lifestlye.
Hope to let more people enjoy the pleasant feeling of carrying the cooler and feel the way that technology brings more health and convenience to our lives.

IDI mini cooler

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