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Try it, and to be a shuangrenhsu addict!

Heritage the spirit of delicious

Innovate the chapter of delicious

Grandma sincerely inherited the unforgettable taste of Hsu family. Shuangrenhsu is full of passion for food.

We are not only fascinated with food but also in cooking. There is a lot of persistence and insistence in eating this matter.

We will continue to develop a more delicious way on our products.

The Eastern noodles mix with Western wine generates a delicious combination.

The ancestral noodles with fried bean and meat sauce are healthy with cold pressed virgin olive oil.

Shuangrenhsu can be called the Chanel in the noodles industry. The real material, the traditional method, and the innovative eating way!

The boss is also charmed with the products. Let’s enjoy the delicious food together!


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